Early Mammal is a design studio for new ventures.

We help founders and investors understand emerging spaces and anticipate future opportunities. We collaborate with thought leaders and innovators to visualize new products, pilot unique experiences, and pitch massive ideas. We observe, analyze, prototype, storyboard, write, build, connect, collaborate, and evaluate.

And when things get really complex, we draw cartoons.

Got an unusual project and don’t know who to talk to? That’s what we’re here for. hello@earlymammal.com

What we’ve been doing in 2019

We handle unusual projects in emerging spaces; all projects remain confidential unless highlighted. 

Future concepts and business opportunities driven by autonomous vehicle technologies in tangential industries

Transportation / Collaborations / Visual Storytelling / Futurism

Illustrated visuals for SXSW keynote. presentation by John Maeda: Design in Tech

Leadership Presentations / Playful Design / Visual Storytelling

Collaboration with architecture firm on concept design and storytelling for an affordable housing competition

Architecture / Collaborations / Visual Storytelling

What we’ve been doing in 2019

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